Mums and Bubs Yoga

Your body, mind, emotions and spirit have undergone tremendous challenges and changes while birthing your baby and becoming a new Mum. You may be lacking the energy, motivation or a suitable time to squeeze fitness into your busy day. That’s why I have created this class so that you can come along to an interactive yoga class with your baby.

Yoga for Mums


The class opens with a sharing and caring circle, It gives you a wonderful opportunity to be validated in all the wonderful ways you are parenting your child, when you hear other mum’s with their own stories of challenging experiences it can bring a sense of normality.



These classes are friendly, fun and supportive. Throughout the class you can see that the needs of your baby are met, you can feed, change or comfort your lovely bub just as you would at home.

Physically the classes focus on releasing muscle stiffness and tension, improving posture, tone of muscles, restoring pelvic floor integrity and replenishing your energy stores. Special attention is placed on developing correct posture to combat the stress on your body and spine caused by poor posture during the feeding, lifting and carrying of your baby.

The Benefits of Yoga Post Birth for Mums

Regain strength and tone whilst retraining the body with healthy posture and back strengthening work after birth.

Get to know and love your “new” body.

Release muscle stiffness and tension.

Restore pelvic floor integrity, strengthen your abdominal muscles.


Bond with your baby whilst nurturing yourself.

Build confidence in how to move with your baby as they increase in weight to protect your spine


Revitalize your energy stores


Meet other like-minded Mum’s and their bub’s.

Gather ideas for interacting and having fun with your baby at home.

Yoga for the Bub's

The mum’s that come to these classes love that they are interactive. We include the babies in some of the postures. You will learn some simple massage for bub and rhythmic movements accompanied by nursery rhymes and songs. The classes help to support the baby’s overall development as well as facilitate and secure the bond between baby and Mum.


Babies love the company of other babies. These early interactions help them to build skills in creative communication and socialising. Babies are such intelligent beings, just without language as we know it yet!  As parents, when we tune into their language and honor their needs and balance that with our own, we learn a new form of communication, which is heart centered. Gradually one begins to find a rhythm not routine and life comes back into balance.

The Benefits of Yoga for Bubs

Physical movements strengthen and balance the body, facilitating ease of natural development.

Helps to settle and improve sleeping patterns.

Helps the transition of reflex to voluntary movement.

Helps mum and bub to get to know each other, enhancing communication and bonding.

Ideas for interacting and having fun at home

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