Support yourself with a regular yoga practice

to enhance your experience of pregnancy, embrace the journey with a conscious solution frame of mind so you can labour and birth in awareness or “birth from within”

Class Times

Class times

Wednesday 6-7.30pm

Saturday 10-11.30am

As your baby grows and your body slowly transforms, you may feel as if you are on an emotional and physical roller coaster, swinging between states of, overwhelm, feeling nauseous, tired, teary, or bubbling over with joy, all at the same time! Know that this is normal and that you’re not alone.

Lynda’s classes open with a sacred woman’s circle, creating a safe haven and space for you to share your unique experiences with other pregnant women. The support and connections these circles offer often lead to important and beautiful friendships beyond the yoga mat.

Lynda will guild you through a sequence of simple yoga postures, breath practices, and relaxation techniques that are supportive of your emotional and physical needs.

You will be gifted with many practical tools and skills to nourish you and your baby that you can also take along to your labour and birth.

Your Thoughts become your words
Your words become your deeds
Your deeds become your habits
your habits become your character
and your character determines your eternal destiny.

St Stephen’s Anglican Church Hall (Lower)

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