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A Doula also known as a birth attendant believes in mothering the mother, enabling a woman to have the most satisfying experience as she Journeys from maiden through pregnancy and into motherhood.

If a Doula were a drug, it would be malpractice not to use it. Dr. John Kennell, pediatrician

Andy twin girls
Initial Interview

You just instinctively feel at ease in the company of some people. Well that is exactly what you need to feel when you and your partner meet with your doula for the first time. Selecting who will be at your birth as your support team is a deeply personal and intuitive matter. Our first meeting is free of charge and is simply an opportunity for us to get acquainted. I am interested in your feelings about your upcoming birth: your hopes, fears, questions and concerns. We will also discuss in what ways a doula can be most helpful to you. It is not expected that you make your decision to hire me at this interview. I encourage you to sit with the meeting and ask yourself if the relationship feels right, more often than not you will just instinctively know.

Prenatal Visits

If you do decide that I am the perfect doula for your family, we will schedule one or two prenatal visits (depending on what is needed). At these visits we will have the opportunity to explore your deepest needs, hopes and fears and how you might deal with the intensity of labor.

We will discuss the role of your partner and explore ways they can best offer you support. If you are having a hospital birth, we will also discuss hospital protocol and your wishes regarding medical procedures. We will discuss how to best communicate these wishes to your healthcare provider, either verbally or written. There are many directions the prenatal visits can go, it depends on the unique requirements you and your partner may have. These visits give me insights as to how I can be of greatest service to you. I am also available to offer support or answer questions by phone or e-mail as needed. 

On Call Support

I will be on call for you 24 hours a day beginning two weeks before your estimated due date up until labour begins.

Labour Support

I will show up to be with you in labour whenever you need me there. I carry a large “toolbox” of ways that I am able to offer you care and support. Some of these include: guiding your breath, suggesting position changes, providing aromatherapy, reflexology, acupressure points, encouraging hydrotherapy, sounding & music, and generally holding the space.

Throughout the birth process, I offer emotional encouragement and a deep confidence in your ability to give birth the way you need to. I will also help you navigate through the medical decisions you might be faced with making, helping you ask questions which provide you with all the information you need to make decisions that you feel are in the best interests of you and/or your baby.

I am also present for your partner, together we complement each other’s strengths, providing continuity of care and a stable and known presence which helps to create a safe haven and intimate space.

With your needs taken care of you can focus on your labour, to ensure you have a safe and satisfying birth – as you define it. A “good birth” is usually defined by how you feel during and after the birth. You don’t leave your birth at the hospital or once the birth pool is emptied and deflated, you take it with you, birth impacts on how you feel postnatally, how you parent your child, and will be a memory that you hold for the rest of your life.

I will stay with you for one to two hours after your child is born until you are comfortable and ready for quiet time together. I am available to help with initial breastfeeding. Should any questions or concerns arise before our postpartum meeting, I am available to offer support on the phone.


I offer one postpartum visit with my service: this visit is usually within 48-72 hrs post birth or around the time your milk has come in when there can be a drop in hormones, between three to five days. At this visit I will help you with whatever you feel you most need at the time. This may be practical support and help such as; sleep and settling for your baby, basic breastfeeding advice, suggesting postpartum comfort measures, helping with newborn care, making referrals to community resources. I will continue to offer emotional support as you adjust to your new baby and your role as a new mother, with email and phone support if needed for the first month of your babies life.

“It’s far better to have a doula than to write out a birth plan, because labor rarely proceeds according to anyone’s plan.”

Ina May Gaskin


I am doula

Who am I?
I am the Rock that your surging body leans upon.
I am the Anchor that holds you to this earth as you journey to the depths of your Self.
I am a Sister in Motherhood, answering your call and anticipating your needs.
I am a Mirror for your magnificence; reflecting your power and your fierceness, your will and your strength.
I am a Witness to you birthing a precious child from your womb and an incredible Mother from your heart.
I am your Companion, your Confidante, your Comfort,
I am your Doula…

Sandy Smith-Holley

What I bring to your birth

I bring my conviction that a woman has the strength to carry herself through whatever unfolds in her journey of labour and birth. I am a witness to this amazing strength of the mother. I am also a gentle guide, providing her with the tools and resources to help her access her own inner power. As a doula, I believe that all women deserve to be safe, supported, respected and nurtured, so they feel empowered and confident to find their own inner strengths and resources to birth their baby. I also believe women need a strong support team during pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period.

When a woman trusts her birth team and is held well by them

she is able to go deeper into the work that she needs to do that will enable her to birth her baby. I bring my knowledge and experience in birth to offer continuous emotional encouragement, physical comfort and a deep supportive presence for a woman and her family as she experiences labour, the birth of her baby, and the transition to parenthood.

I equally support the birth partner

to ensure that they remain as connected to the mother and birth process as they desire. In no way do I replace the partner. I offer a reassuring presence to them that birth is a normal process and by providing suggestions as to how they may best support their partner. As a result, they are able to more fully participate and be present in the birthing process.

I also provide assistance to
help the parents make informed decisions and communicate positively with healthcare providers. My primary intention is to whole-heartedly support a mother in whatever decision she makes concerning how she births.

Client Testimonials

When my wife Kelli gave birth in May 2011, we chose Lynda to be our doula. We’d already met Lynda through Kel’s pregnancy yoga classes and felt an affinity with her calm, convivial manner. After a couple of the yoga sessions we had a few informal meetings with Lynda about doula-ing for us. Through that consultation she was able to speak expansively yet clearly about childbirth, what our options were, in doing so she helped us to understand what we wanted out of the birth. She was never assumptive about the presence of a doula, let alone herself, in our plans and wishes.

The decision to ask Lynda to be present at the birth was very easy indeed.

The birth itself was very lengthy, spanning five days. Over that time Lynda a godsend. She gave her time over each and every day, pro-actively phoning us and making herself available. When we were writing the birth plan Lynda had suggested using essential oils, and, with her background in aromatherapy, she’d made some for us. Her massages in the early stages of labour were one of the most effective pain relief methods we used.

Overall, she did an amazing job of being a real rock of support for us, there throughout the hardest stages of the birth, whilst allowing us emotional space to make our decisions as we went through the process

I would want to highlight in particular Lynda’s involvement in the final stages of labour. Our little boy Elijah was, eventually, born by caesarian section. On the morning it happened, Lynda had agreed to stay with Kel whilst her mother and I went to get some breakfast. Whilst we were gone Kel went into shock, and it was Lynda’s calm, assured manner and emotional intelligence that helped Kel stay calm in our absence. Amid the high emotions that preceded us going for the c-section, Lynda was the only cool head in the room that remembered various key elements of our birth plan.

Afterwards, she was even on hand to take photographs of the baby!
I would have complete confidence in recommending Lynda to any other prospective parents.Dan Robertson

August 2011

Thank you so much for making our pregnancy, labor and delivery the perfect experience. From the first time we met with you we both felt immediately relieved in knowing we had your guidance and support through what is truly one of the most mysterious things anyone can go through.

I know the word Doula comes from the Ancient Greek, meaning female slave, but that definition couldn’t be further from the truth. Our experience with you was one filled with such wisdom and support, and ultimately enabled a truly joyful experience in the birth of our son, Arthur. I felt nothing but strength, love and encouragement while laboring, and it seemed that at every moment through that intense period, everything I needed was there – without me needing to ask for it, or even really knowing what it was. You reminded me of the millions of women who had labored before me, and I found strength in that history, and joy in that shared experience.

Your support allowed us to persevere with our choice of a natural birth, even through the complications that were thrown up in pre-labor, and then the early stages of labor. I remember quite early on, when there was talk of inducement, saying to Alex that I wanted to experience the feeling of childbirth, that it was something that was important to me. I think without your support we would have lost sight of that goal and not brought our son into the world in the way we wanted. For that we are both eternally grateful, and feel so privileged to have had you there as part of Arthur’s birth.

I would recommend you as a doula to any and everyone lucky enough to be embarking on the magnificent journey of child birth.

All our love,
Eliza, Alex and Arthur.

PS. Special mention needs to go to your dedication! You were there throughout my false starts with homeopathy, aromatherapy, nettle tea, massage, pressure points and general support. Even more remarkably, you came to our house at 10pm on your birthday and didn’t leave our side until well into your husband’s birthday. I can’t believe you did that, but am so thankful you did as I really couldn’t imagine a better birthing experience. Eliza

September 2011

I went to my first prenatal yoga class a frazzled mess. At 7 weeks pregnant having just been ditched by my partner, it felt next to impossible that I’d ever feel grounded or steady ever again.

But I walked out of Lynda’s class feeling a kernel of light in my heart and womb that only grew and expanded as the weeks ticked over.

It was a no-brainer to hire Lynda as my doula. As we connected through yoga, I knew that I needed to have her at my birth.
When it came time to begin our pre-birth sessions, I was able to gently lean upon Lynda’s calm, knowledgeable and nourishing energy and skill as my partner and advocate in preparation for birth.
Once my labour began, I felt like I had done all the work I needed to do, ready and excited for the birth experience and to meet my son. My memories of ‘labour day’ are heavily illustrated with the strength, humour, steadiness and sacredness of Lynda’s presence with me and my family. My birth was a little traumatic at the end, and Lynda was right there with me through it all.
Once bubby was in the world and all was well, Lynda provided yet more support and nourishment throughout the first weeks. Her visits were so special and I hold them dearly in my memory. I also took advantage of her placenta encapsulation services, which provided me with not only a surprisingly delicious ‘placenta smoothie’ mere hours after my birth, but carefully and joyously crafted placenta capsules to sustain me during the first weeks, and skillfully prepared homoeopathic remedies that will last both my son and myself for our lifetimes.

Lynda SHINES as a doula – I truly believe it is her life’s work. I was nothing short of amazed by the abundant support and solace I received from Lynda, on so many levels. I recommend her to every birthing woman and her ‘team’, without question.Gemma

“Emotions are your battle, Toughness is just a reflection of weakness, tears are the path to strength” Roanna Rosewood

From Cut Stapled & Mended

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