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Birthing From Within™ Guiding Principles


Childbirth is a profound rite of passage, not a medical event (even when medical care is part of the birth)

Childbirth preparation is also parent preparation.

Parents’ individual needs and differences determine class content.

The purpose of childbirth preparation is to prepare mothers to give birth in awareness, not to achieve a specific birth outcome.

In order to help parents mobilize their coping resources, it is critical for childbirth classes to acknowledge that unexpected, unwelcome events may happen during labor and birth.

Pain and intensity are an inevitable part of birth, yet much can be done to ease suffering.

Fathers and birth partners help best as birth guardians or loving partners, not as coaches; they also need support.

The essence of childbirth preparation is self-discovery, not assimilating obstetric information.

The teacher is “midwife” to the parents’ discovery process, not expert from whom wisdom flows.

Active, creative self-expression is critical to childbirth preparation.

Pregnancy and birth outcomes are influenced by a variety of factors, but cannot be controlled by planning.

Parents deserve support for any birth or parenting option that might be right for them (whether it be drugs, technology, home birth, bottles, etc.).

Pain-coping practices work best when integrated into daily life, rather than merely “dusted off” for labor.

Over the past fifteen years, it has been a joy for me to support women during their journeys to motherhood, in my role as a pre & post-natal yoga teacher, massage therapist, doula, and mentor.  For the past ten years, I have been one of the teachers on the Yoga of Birth teacher training at Jivamukti yoga, which has now moved to Sukha Mukha Yoga in Bronte. I’m an advanced Birthing From Within™ mentor and doula, I love working with this model as the processes that we use are so supportive and powerful. For example using the labyrinth as a map for birth, discovering your own coping skills with the unique breath practices we teach. Then learning what really makes you tick using ‘Birth Art’ or how ‘Birth Story Listening’ can assist you in finding a new positive belief about yourself and gain some healing from a post-trauma birth experience.


“Rain, after all, is only rain; it is not bad weather.

So also, pain is only pain; unless we resist it,

Then it becomes a torment”.

Learn and practice ways of coping with the intensity of labor
Connect with your partner and learn how to give or receive support
Understand the stages of labour and how birth works
Explore how to prepare and protect your birth place at home or hospital
These classes run every six-eight weeks, check the calendar for the dates. If the time and date don’t fit into your current schedule then consider the 1:1 packages.
Discover how to ask questions and give consent
Share your hopes and concerns with other parents
Know what to expect during the postpartum period
Celebrate birth as a rite of passage

When I began exploring the possibility of creating a multi-sensory, holistic approach to childbirth education, I had a vision: parents learning through interactive, creative participation, in a spirit of fun and curiosity..

I believed that women already ‘knew’ a lot (whether they knew it or not). So, I developed processes to help them discover and validate their own knowledge, rather than directing a stream of information at them.

Too many classes and books teach new mothers about birth from the ‘outside,’ in other words, how it is perceived and managed by professionals. But no mother in the heat of labor is experiencing ‘stages’ or depending on her knowledge of anatomy and physiology to guide her. This kind of knowledge is fascinating, but irrelevant to a mother white-knuckling through a contraction.

The Birthing From Within approach prepares a mother for birthing from within. She needs insight about what labor and birth will be like from her perspective and preparation to be in labor and give birth as a mother, not as a trained para-professional. The Birthing From Within classes offer guidance through the emotional, spiritual, psychic and social mists which shroud birthing from within.

Pam England

Birthing From within™

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