Lynda's Journey

Hello, I’m Lynda Taylor, and this was me one week before my twins were in born London, June 1994. 

I am a Mother to three unique people, Adult twins (boy/girl) of twenty-five and another daughter of twenty-two.

You could label me a Yoga Teacher, Birthing From Within ™ Doula and Mentor, Aromatherapist, Reflexologist, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist, Blessing Way Facilitator, Birth Story Listener, Story Narrator, Workshop Facilitator, Women’s Temple leader.

I believe that love, support, generosity, and kindness are the foundations necessary to create a peaceful happy world, the kind of environment I want my kids to inherit. It starts with the family, the village community and grows on up from there.

I'm passionate about pregnancy, birth, and early postpartum.
I get a natural high just being around pregnant women and babies. My job as a pre & post-natal yoga teacher, Birthing From Within™ doula & mentor, and birth story listener is fun and extremely rewarding, I love it.
My passion for birth began with my own journey
to motherhood in London in 1994. I was a single mum and carrying twins, supported by an amazing group of independent midwives.  My first birth experience was incredible and I felt like a goddess; powerful, primal and connected. I felt as though I was plugged into the direct current of pure love. In contrast, my second pregnancy and the birth of my third child were not so wonderful. The birth became very medicalised, and I was encouraged to take drugs. I felt powerless, misguided, and as a consequence I suffered from postnatal depression. No fun with a new baby and three-year-old twins!
My journey back from the depths
took a long time, I flipped back and forth between deep despair to the joys and challenges that every young mum faces.  I called on the tools and resource’s that I had at the time, mainly my practice of tai chi, aromatherapy and reflexology and I eventually came to discover yoga.
My yoga journey began
when I was small. I had ants in my pants and just loved any form of movement: dance, gymnastics, athletics, team sports.  I was happiest when moving! I resonated and enjoyed the human body so much it lead to my studies as a body therapist in 1990, I become an Aromatherapist, Reflexologist and Tai Chi practitioner. Then came the yoga!  I was hooked after one lesson, the way I felt afterwards rocked my world! In 2004, I did my Yoga teacher training at Samadhi Yoga Sydney, now Jivamukti. I was called to teach pregnancy and Mummy & Me yoga immediately after qualification. I then practiced and studied yoga with Simon Borg Oliver for five years, repeating his Anatomy and Physiology intensive three times in order to develop a deep understanding of the physiology, modern science and ancient wisdom that is the foundation of the art and philosophy of yoga. I am continually inspired by the treasure chest life is forever presenting, I enjoy a challenge especially when they ignite exciting new interests, I try to embody what I teach, as I grow and discover, I share what I believe will be of benefit to others. We all have an eclectic range of influences, that’s what defines us as individuals, my leanings have always leaned toward the esoteric, looking for answers and remedies in the organic world and human nature.
I'm currently studying Birthing From Within™
which is based on the book of the same name by Pam England. After the initial three day training, I felt a profound mental and emotional shift, which has lead me to undertake the full program of four-five years of study and deep self-inquiry, In 2016 I hope to complete the training. I love exploring new and exciting avenues for growth, for me that means perusing real time teachers, being in nature,  online study, in the genres of all things birth, yoga and physical movement, live & raw foods and water, mythology, psychology, gardening and I’m a lover of arts & crafts and… oh yeah…My KIDS! they are my most cherished and challenging teachers of all! As I grow and develop through my continuous studies I am constantly acquiring new skills and a better understanding of all aspects of my life, hence I have more to give back to myself, my family and the greater community.
I believe that when a woman is pregnant
she is at her most powerful and vulnerable.  It’s the most transformative time of her life, becoming a mother is the ultimate in creation. The creation of a new human being, the birth of a mother and the beautiful beginning of a new family. It is an honor to share in women’s sacred journeys to motherhood and to watch them blossom and grow. It’s my sincere wish and intention to serve the community with my unique gifts to help women feel supported, nourished and nurtured on their journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond. Isn’t that what it’s all about? creating a supportive village network, and, therefore, a brighter and happier world to raise our children. The true meaning of the word Yoga is union, after all!

Education and Qualifications

Lynda Taylor has done extensive study in the field of Healing Arts over the past twenty-six years and continues to further her education and studies. Over the past nine years, she has been conducting independent studies, in the Arts and Science of Food as medicine and nutrition, Yoga, Earth Energy Medicine. Incorporating the cutting-edge science with the ancient and wise and adapting for every day used in practical ways for optimum vibrant health, enhanced mental and emotional wellness and healing.

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