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Honouring your true needs

The single most important act of honouring the self as a woman, mother or parent is to give back to self.  Without self-nourishment, the daily giving to family, work and friends can become unbalanced and unsustainable, leaving you feeling depleted ‘misaligned or generally ‘out of sorts’ .

Maybe you’ve been feeling overwhelmed, depleted or even resentful of the never-ending, often exhausting cycles in life? Or perhaps you’re anxious facing the unknown terrain of parenthood? 

When you recognize that you need to be nurtured, and you honour yourself with the gifts of nourishment and rest you will be giving yourself the necessary fuel that will keep your engine running smoothly and sustain your energy, vitality and wellbeing. 

Is it time? time to give back to yourself?



Pre-natal, Mums and Bubs, Yoga on the Ball, Partner assisted positions for birth, Nada Yoga ( sound & vibration to move stagnant energy)

Doula Skills

Birth Planning, Birth Art (preparation for or recovery from) Birth Story Listening, Learning a map for birth


Aromatherapy, Acupressure points, Reflexology, Partner Massage for pain relief during labour

Child Birth Education:

Coping with the intensity of labor How to give or receive support during the stages of labour, Hormones Celebrate birth as a rite of passage, The postpartum period


All private sessions are gourmet, they are created with the ingredients that are uniquely suited to your personal needs. Above is a list of some of the skills that Lynda brings. You can mix up a physical practice with a good measure of education, or learn some practical ways to care for yourself or your baby. Together we create a practice or map that will help you navigate the challenges that the journey of pregnancy, birth, motherhood, and parenting can bring.

A private yoga class starts with an assessment to discover what you feel would be most beneficial for your current needs.

Lynda will use the tools of yoga, massage, doula skills and her twenty-five years experience working as a therapist, to work out a sequence or program in preparation for your baby’s birth. 

The session and ongoing home practice are tailored to suit your unique needs.  Exploring a combination of simple yoga postures, breath practices, sound and movement to shift stuck energy plus relaxation techniques that will support you emotionally, mentally and physically.


In the comfort of your own home, with your baby by your side, Lynda will help you ease your body back through a gentle yoga practice and gift you a wealth of simple, actionable practices for surviving and thriving through the early postpartum journey.

These balancing practices and nourishing self-care routines create a unique combination to use on and off the mat. They include food as medicine, relaxation & helpful tips to cope with sleep deprivation.  Practices that will help you to cope with the demands of your new family dynamic, and help you to find a balance for your ‘baby’s needs’ and, of course, your own.  After all, you are the engine and driving force of your family life, and that engine deserves top quality fuel. 

Birth Stories are the single most influential factor in childbirth preparation and postpartum recovery and yet, so few people really know how to listen to or learn from our modern day stories. Birth stories are shared casually – anywhere, anytime and with anyone! without regard for the emotional impact on those who tell them or those who hear them. Over time, when thinking of their babies births, parents may often have lingering feelings of guilt, anger, ecstasy, grief or even depression. Left unresolved, these wounded feelings and beliefs can linger in the shadows, undermine the joy and confidence of parenting and effect relationships in all realms of life. In these sessions, Lynda truly listens to you, to your unvoiced disappointments, explore and unearth what is at the core of your pain and suffering. Lynda will guide you, help you uproot the negativity that’s been looping in your mind,  then assist you to plant a new, more positive belief, so that you may breathe a sigh of relief and journey forward with a new found confidence.

Creating birth art is a wonderful way to weave within toward the deep labyrinth of your mind, helping you gain access to your own resources.

During Labour and birth, thinking ceases and Being takes over

When you draw or do art you activate the right feminine side of the brain and discover the intuitive aspect of the self. This meditative practice slows down the active analytical mind, giving rise to the space and time required for you to find your own inner wisdom.

As a labour progresses with the flow of birth hormones a woman is naturally taken to a place of simply Being, the intuitive feminine right hemisphere of the brain is activated.

Call on your Allies

Reaching out to another for help and assistance can feel strange or even weak, we all pride ourselves on being strong and capable of walking the journey alone.  In truth, listening to the quiet voice of your heart instead of that louder voice of the ego is such a brave step. And you ready to listen to that soft voice of spirit? to allow allies to walk beside and accompany you as you journey forward?

All 1:1 Nourishment session need to be taken within a year from purchase date.

A Doula's Wisdom

Maybe you’re wanting the wisdom care and support of a doula without them being at your birth, Lynda is happy to bring her doula and childbirth education tools and skills to the comfort of your own home. Lynda will help you prepare and navigate your way though the most incredible transition of your life.

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