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Every woman deserves to feel safe, supported, and deeply nourished as she journeys to motherhood. I created Yoni Yoga Birth which is a Sydney based company, to offer support to the woman of Newtown and the Inner West Region. So how can I be of service to you? My job is to understand your unique needs, unravel your deep fears, help you to build on your strengths so you discover and trust your courageous and intuitive self. From that inner knowing you can build the confidence it takes to make consciously informed choices, in preparation for the most transformative journey of your life.


“A woman who is enjoying her labour swings into the rhythm of contractions as if birth-giving were a powerful dance, her uterus creating the beat. She watches for it, concentrates on it, like an orchestra following its conductor.” Shelia Kitzinger

Journey through the Labyrinth from Maiden to Mother

This site has been created to serve, guide, support and encourage beautiful women like yourself on the sacred journey of pregnancy, birth and the return journey into the realm of motherhood. It is my sincere wish that within these pages you will find some juicy gems of information that resonate with your way of being, that your experience be enhanced and you benefit from the gifts I can offer: Pregnancy Yoga and Exercise, Post-Natal/Mum’s and Baby Yoga, Birthing From Within™ Childbirth Preparation and Mentoring, Doula Services, Placenta Encapsulation, Birth Story Listening, Birth Art Workshops and so much more. Happy journeying!

Why no baby yet?

Why no baby yet? Imagine, you’ve finished up work at 36 weeks, you’ve had a few weeks of nesting and preparing the house and the nursery, you’ve read all the right books, gone to your exercise classes, you understand the mechanics and stages of labour and birth but... read more

The eleventh moon

In Australia many women take a weekend break away before the baby arrives, they often refer to this as a baby moon, which of course is lovely, couples taking that time away together before the arrival of a new family member can be of tremendous value to strengthen a... read more

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